How to Get Payday Loans in Dallas Without a Checking Account

An unexpected expense arises and you can’t wait until your next payday. That’s exactly why payday loans in Dallas prove to be beneficial in tight spots. Most Texas payday loan companies require you to bring a blank check, however. Here are a few lenders who offer installment loans instead of Dallas payday loans. Installment loans eliminate the requirement for having a checking account.

Ace Cash Express

With Ace Cash Express, you need a bank account to get an installment loan, but it doesn't have to be a checking account. You also need a social security number and proof of income. Find Ace Cash Express stores on Al Lipscomb Way, Elsie Faye Heggins, Greenville Avenue, Live Oak, Oak Lawn, Samuell Boulevard, South Lancaster Road, and Wynnewood Plaza.

Cliff’s Finance Company

Cliff’s Finance Company offers payday loans, but those without a checking account benefit from installment loans for up to $1,340. This lender has three decades of experience helping Dallas area residents get the cash they need for emergency situations. With an installment loan, you get up to a year to repay the loan and no checking account is necessary. Find Dallas payday loan offices on Greenville Avenue, Martin Luther King Junior, West Camp Wisdom, and West Northwest Highway. Each of these offices is open 24/7.

Friendly Loans

Friendly Loans in North Dallas offers installment loans instead of payday loans. Borrow up to $1,000 as long as you have proof of income, a government-issued photo ID, and have a valid phone number. You also do have to at least have one financial account that’s in good standing.

Justice Finance

Justice Finance does not offer payday loans, but they do offer installment loans for as much as $1,300. You do not need a checking account and collateral is not required. With an installment loan, you get up to a year to repay the loan. Find Justice Finance offices on East Grand, South Buckner, West 12th, West Camp Wisdom, and West Jefferson.

Payday loans and installment are not meant to be taken lightly. As long as you enter a payday loan contract knowing the importance of paying it back on time and fees you’re responsible for paying, a payday loan can be incredibly helpful for covering emergencies when you won’t get paid for a couple weeks. Let Easy AZ Loans help you find the best terms and payday loan for your specific needs.