Personal Loans

In today's economic climate, it may be more difficult to apply for a Personal Loan than ever before. Banks are enforcing more restrictions on loan applications due to the economic crisis and even though you may have the best credit score in the world, you still may not qualify. If you live in Arizona and need a personal loan for whatever reason, credit unions may be the answer. Arizona Federal is a well-known long-established credit union with more than a dozen locations. Established in 1936, they have been touted as the leading financial services entity and dedicated to serving its communities in a positive and professional manner.

Applying for a Personal Loan

There use to be a time when simply walking into a bank and applying for a personal loan was the rule. Today, there are more exceptions to that rule that involve knowing the ins and outs of not only applying for a loan but actually getting one. One of the problems associated with getting a personal loan today is one's credit score. Banks have raised the bar in this regard due to the economic crisis and new banking rules. Therefore, if you need financial assistance via a personal loan, here are some tips to follow.

  1. Check your current FICO score as well as your three credit reports. Ensure all the information on these credit reports is correct. If you're credit score does not fall within standards set by the bank, you may need to work on increasing your score before applying for a loan.
  2. Do some online research as to the types of loans you may qualify for. Look at both secured and Unsecured Personal Loans and the interest rates incurred.

  3. Visit or call banks in your area and ask about their loan programs. Ask for information on the requirements vis a vis credit scores, annual earnings, etc.
  4. Determine how much of a loan you actually need. If it is a matter of paying for car repairs, health costs, prescription drugs, or a monthly bill that you just can't meet that particular month, you may want to consider a payday loan up to $1000.
  5. If you think you may not be able to qualify for a personal loan on your own, you may also want to consider having a relative co-sign a loan for you.

Knowledge is Power

The more you know about the types of personal loans available today, the more equipped you will be to determine if you qualify. Banks are becoming very picky in approving personal loans. It is well worth your while to investigate personal loans and interest rates, check your credit reports and score, and then contact various banks and credit unions to determine who will not only approve your personal loan, but offer you the best interest rate as well.