Where to Go for Payday Loans in Hialeah, Florida

If you’re looking for payday loans in Hialeah, here’s a brief look at some of the best options. These payday loan offices provide same-day payday loans to Florida’s residents. You’ll need a government-issued ID, proof of income, a recent bank statement, your SSN, and often a blank check to qualify. Once you have that information, head into a Hialeah payday loan office and get the cash you need for whatever emergency you face.

ACE Cash Express

Choose between two payday loan offices in Hialeah. ACE Cash Express has an office on East 9th and on West 12th. Both office offer payday loans from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday and on weekends. Florida laws allow you to borrow $100 to $500 from a payday loan store. ACE Cash Express gives you 72 hours to change your mind, return the money, and owe nothing else.

Advance America

One of Advance America’s Hialeah payday loan office is located on West 35th Street in Promenade Plaza. Other options include Hialeah Drive, West 49th, and West 68th. Borrow as much as $500 and pay just $55 in fees on the repayment date. To save time, fil out the application online and complete the loan paperwork when you arrive at the Hialeah payday loan office.

The Check Cashing Store

Fees at the Check Cashing Store in Hialeah are usually cheaper than competing payday loan companies. Pay just $14.99 in fees for every $100 you borrow. Find the Check Cashing Store at 1800 West 68th in Hialeah or 2750 West 68th in Hialeah Gardens.

Check Cashing USA

Deferred presentment loans at Check Cashing USA allow you up to 31 days to repay your payday loan. Borrow as much as $500 to cover unexpected bills and repay it when you get your next paycheck. Find Hialeah offices at East 49th, Northwest 132nd, and West Okeechobee Road.

Fast Payday Loans, Inc.

Fast Payday Loans, Inc. offers payday loans with repayment terms of 14 days. To borrow the cash, you agree to a fee of 10 percent of the loan value plus a $5 verification fee. Therefore, if you borrow $250, you’ll pay $30 plus the original $250 when the loan is due. Loans are approved in less than half an hour. To apply in person, head to 325 East 49th Street in Hialeah.

No matter where you apply for a payday loan, make sure you understand Hialeah payday loan laws. You cannot borrow more than $500, and once you pay off that loan, you must wait another 24 hours before taking out a new payday loan. Payday loan repayment terms must be between 7 and 31 days and never longer or shorter than that. If you cannot repay the loan, you get a 60-day grace period without facing additional fees, providing you enroll in consumer credit counseling services.

Now that you know the laws, head to a Hialeah payday loan office, apply instantly, and get the money you need today. Ask to see their Florida business license and make sure you understand the repayment terms before you sign the papers. This helps you keep from getting in over your head when it comes to repaying the loan.