Tips for Planning and Paying for Wedding Expenses

Every year, The Knot releases the reports for average spending on weddings in the United States. In 2013, brides and grooms spent just shy of $30,000 on their wedding, and this didn’t even include the expense of the honeymoon. Even in Idaho where it was reported as the least expensive area to get married, the average expenses came in a little above $16,000. Do you have that kind of money available for your wedding? This is where cash loans come in handy.

You want your dream day to be memorable. Even if you’ve saved up, it’s highly likely that a last-minute expense will rear its head, and you’ll be short some cash. You can’t just skip out on paying the caterer, photographer, or pastor; you need to ensure you have the money required to pay your bills. If you find yourself short on cash, a fast cash loan is the perfect solution. Take out the loan before the wedding and quickly repay it when you get your cash wedding gifts or when your next paycheck comes in.

Expenses You May Not Think Of As the Big Day Nears

The Knot lists the average spent on a wedding dress in 2013 was just under $1,300. You also have the tux rentals that breaks down to approximately $300 for the groom. Other average costs are just under $600 for the wedding cake, $1,800 for the chapel, $13,300 for the reception venue, and $5,600 for the rings. You also have the officiant to pay, and that fee averages to almost $300. Then there is the transportation, gifts for the members of your wedding party, videographer, catering, band or DJ, flowers and decorations, and the photographer. Guests who did not RSVP will drive up your costs, as will last minute menu changes, weight gain or loss that affects how the dress or tuxedo fits, and even weather can require a change of venue at the last minute.

Be Prepared

After paying thousands for your wedding, a last-minute expense can threaten to derail your wedding, but not if you use cash loan products to cover additional costs. With a variety of products available, you can find the product that best suits your needs. Whether you want a non-secure cash loan with a higher interest rate but no requirement for collateral or a payday loan that just covers the costs until you have your wedding gifts in hand and can quickly pay it back, there are cash loans that will ensure your dream day goes off without a hitch.