Stress-Free Christmas

H&R Block works with you to help you secure a Christmas loan of up to $1,000. Best of all, you don’t even need a W2 in order to qualify for these special Christmas loans. The only thing you need to bring with you to H&R Block is a paycheck or benefits stub, photo ID, and proof of residency.

You’ll know in a matter of minutes if you qualify for these Christmas loans. The only restriction is that you must apply at the end of November, so this can cut down on the amount of time you have for shopping.

Repaying the Loan

While banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions require you to pay back the money over a period of months or years, a Christmas loan with H&R Block works differently. You must pay it back by mid-February. Here’s the perk, you can pay it back with your tax refund. Have your taxes prepared by an H&R Block specialist and the money you owe for your Christmas loan is deducted from the refund you have due. It’s that easy.

Alternatives to Christmas Loans With H&R Block

There are alternatives to Christmas loans with H&R Block, should this method not be to your liking. You can apply online for a Christmas loan with a number of lenders. You’ll know if you’re approved in a matter of minutes and receive the money in your bank account within one business day. Rates for Christmas loans are much lower than credit cards, so you’ll save a bundle using a holiday loan for your Christmas shopping.

To apply for a Christmas loan, make sure you are comfortable with the repayment terms. If there is any question whether you can afford to make the monthly payments, you may want to reduce the amount you borrow or shop around for a better Christmas loan interest rate. With Christmas loan specials, you should find it easy to find a Christmas loan that doesn’t strain your budget.