Septic Failure: Financing Options When You Just Cannot Wait

At any time of the year, no matter how old or young your septic system is, it can fail. Sand, waste, tree roots, and movement from the frozen ground in the winter – all of these can wreak havoc. A septic system replacement is a costly project and one that rarely gives you notice. When it fails, you need to have thousands of dollars available in a hurry, something that most people cannot handle. This is where a cash loan becomes incredibly helpful.

Paying the Engineer

When your septic system needs replacing, the first step is having an engineer come out and run tests of your soil. These perk tests determine how fast liquids drain. If there are issues, a more costly mound system may be required. Scheduling and completing these tests can take a couple weeks. Plus, you usually must pay the engineer and excavator on the day these tests are completed, so you need to have the cash in hand. The engineer’s fee is a few hundred dollars, so this can be costly if you are strapped for cash. A refinance or home equity loan will not move fast enough to get the money in hand, so a fast loan option is a great solution. After all, it’s hard to survive without using your toilet, shower, sinks, or laundry machine when your septic has failed.

After the tests are completed, the engineer then must design the septic system replacement. Once the blueprints are created, an application that includes the blueprints are submitted to your state and your town for approval and permits. This process can take weeks to complete. Your state will likely charge a separate fee. If the project is approved, you will pay the engineer for the work completed. If not, you will have to have new plans drawn up to meet whatever the state required be changed. State permit fees vary, as do the engineering costs, but expect the rest of the engineering fees and the permit fees to be over a thousand. A cash loan can get that money to you quickly, leaving you time to then pay the bills and work on a more time-consuming homeowner’s loan product.

The Larger Expense

Once all of this is completed, a septic company and excavator come in to do the work. They will ask for a 50 percent deposit before the work begins. This is usually completed in a day, but the landscaping team will come back and finish up for one or two more days. After that, you will pay the remainder of the invoice. This aspect of the septic replacement costs thousands of dollars.

With a cash loan, you have the money in hand within a day or two. This is essential when you suddenly find you do not have a working septic system. A home equity or refinance can takes weeks or even months to complete, and it’s rare to find a contractor who will wait for your bank before they get paid. When you don’t have time to waste, a quick cash loan is the best possible solution.