Payday Loans With Direct Express Debit Card

If you receive your Social Security benefits on an SSI debit card, you can get a payday loan. The SSI debit card makes it easy to get your SSI funds directly on a debit card that you then use anywhere. It's an easy way to get your funds without having a savings or checking account. Typically, a payday loan requires you to have a bank account. If you don't and have the SSI Direct Express debit card, many companies offer SSI debit card payday loans. Here are tips for taking out a cash advance loan using your SSI debit card.

Borrow Only What You Need

SSI debit card loans do require borrowers to pay certain fees. Payday loans have higher fees because the lender takes more risk by offering an unsecured loan. Keep fees to a minimum by borrowing only what you need. While it may be tempting to ask for more, just in case something happens, stick to the amount you can repay with your SSI debit card.

Shop Around

Use a service like to compare rates with several payday loan companies. By shopping around, you'll find the lowest interest rates and repayment terms that work for you.

Keep Track of When Repayment is Due

Make sure you have the funds on your SSI debit card when you go to repay your payday loan. Many people lose track of time and miss the repayment or spend the money meant to repay the loan. This leads to additional charges. Note the date the payment is due and make sure money is in the account on the day the payment will be made.

Understand All Terms and Penalties

Before you sign any paperwork on a payday loan using an SSI debit card, look over all the paperwork. Lenders often give a truth-in-lending statement that details how much you're borrowing and how much you must pay back. In addition to this, read the fine print for crucial information like late fees, what happens if you cannot pay the lender back, and other terms and conditions of the SSI debit card payday loan. If anything is unclear, ask for clarification before you sign the papers.

Apply for an SSI debit card payday loan today. By answering just a few questions, you'll have the cash you need in a hurry. Instead of your bank account, you'll use the debit card to repay the loan. It's that easy.

How Do You Get a Direct Express Debit Card?

Social Security benefits require a direct deposit method of some kind. Funds are deposited automatically to your checking or savings account. For people who do not want to share their bank account numbers, a Direct Express debit card is the best option.

Enrolling for a Direct Express card is an easy process. You call 1-800-333-1795 or go to your local Social Security Administration office to learn more.

Once you have your card, you can get your Social Security and other federal payments sent directly to the prepaid debit card. You don't have to undergo a credit check in order to get a card. There are no fees for cash back transactions at banks or stores. You get one free ATM withdrawal per deposit. If you get one Social Security deposit each month, you'd get one free withdrawal each month. After that, ATM withdrawals are $0.85. Funds transfers are $1.50. (Fees are subject to change.)

The Direct Express prepaid MasterCard is linked to the PayPerks program. Take online tutorials to learn about money management and other financial matters and earn entries into cash giveaways.

What Are Disability Payday Loans?

When you are physically or mentally disabled, you may be unable to hold a job. If that happens, you receive disability payments from the government. SSI payments can be used to qualify for online payday loans using an SSI debit card.

The government requires that Social Security and SSI payments be direct deposited. They no longer mail checks. People who have bank accounts often have their monthly payment deposited to their checking or savings account. Some people without bank accounts or who do not wish for the government to have their bank account information use Direct Express debit cards. This SSI debit card works like any debit card. You can purchase things with the money in the card's balance, withdraw cash, or get cash back at a store.

The other thing you can do is take out a disability payday loan using your Direct Express card. It's only meant for emergencies, but it works like any cash advance loan. When the loan becomes due, the lender withdraws the payment from your SSI debit card. It's important that you ensure the funds are available on the day the payment is due.

How Do Payday Loans With a Direct Express Card Work?

When you take out a payday loan, you're taking out the money you need until your next payday. As an example of when you might need one, your car blows a tire and bends the rim hitting a pothole your city has yet to fix. You get your SSI each month, so you won't get another deposit for two more weeks. You don't have the $200 you need for a new rim and tire.

You need your car for work, but you don't have the money to immediately pay for the rim and tire until your SSI payment arrives. This is where a payday loan can be helpful. You just need to make sure you pay it back by the repayment date. As the repayment day is set to arrive after you get paid, you repay the loan and the loan fee. You've given your Direct Express card, so the money is taken out immediately from that account.

You've used the payday loan for an emergency where you had no other option. That's what payday loans are designed to help with. You didn't have to rely on others to get you to work. You didn't have to keep calling into work because you lacked transportation. You repaid the loan on your next payday.

EZ Loans Payday Loans Prepaid Debit Card and Direct Express Options

Although we have gone over what a payday loan is, you may be wondering what a prepaid debit card is. Many people are easily familiar with debit cards, and bank accounts, but a prepaid debit card is a relatively new concept. For that reason, many people are not even aware that it is an option, and very few people would even think to request something like that. This is a mistake, as they are quite useful! Especially under the circumstances that require people to seek out things like payday loans.

A traditional debit card is one that is entirely tied to a bank account. This is what causes it to work at all, and without a bank account, you will not be able to use it. It takes funds directly from your bank account, but you would have to go through the trouble of making, and there after, allows you to get access to your banking funds. We are all familiar with how all of this works, and people use them in stores, online, and ATMs all the time. They come with numbers on them so you could use them for financial transactions that are not in person, and it is one of the most convenient ways to pay when you don't have cash.

Downsides to Normal Debit Cards

There are many downsides to this, however, which many people that find ourselves in a situation to get a payday loan are all too familiar with. One of the biggest downsides to a debit card like this is that you need a bank account in order for it to work. Not only that, but you need a bank account that already has all the funds in place, and various other things of that nature. This can be a tall order for many people they have trouble managing their finances, and cannot afford to pay yet another person to handle their money. If you need something in a hurry, chances are that you haven't taken the time to set all that up, and do not have the time to do anything like that at all!

If you are in the position to need to seek out something like a payday loan, or even further a car title loan, then you are certainly not going to be a much of a position to have a bank account. That is an additional expense on top of everything else you are you have going for you, and you have to pay for the privilege on top of that. It is not as quick and easy as a bank would make you think, and there is a reason that many people actually do I have a bank account at all! They are definitely useful, but it is a myth to think that everybody has a bank account, and that everybody would need one.

Another downside to something like having a bank account tied to a debit card is the fact that only the one person is able to use it. This ties all of your funds to anyone that is registered to the bank account, and you would have to potentially make new debit cards for different people that could draw funds from the count. This can't take a long time, and the one additional thing that you have to set up, each card needed to be updated over time, and all being quite the hassle. Banks also tend to charge you for the more of them you have, and you were always need to update them if one of them get stolen or simply expires. It was all very time consuming the more people in your family need to use the bank account, which as you can imagine, is a common situation for payday loan seekers!

How Are Prepaid Debit Cards Unique?

Where a prepaid debit card differs from a traditional debit card begins with the fact that it is not tied to a bank account at all. It is still back by money, and if it wasn't it would be useless, but there is no bank account to deal with, and no banks that are really involved with it on most cases. At least not in the traditional sense. You do not need a checking or savings account to use it, and there isn't some magical store of money that is sitting somewhere that you have to have an account for and figure out things like that. It does away with all of those complications, it is a very streamlined experience for that reason!

Another way in which a prepaid debit card is a far cry from your normal banking sort of debit card is there anybody can use it once it has been filled up. As long as there is money behind it, you can easily share it with your friends and family should they need to buy something anywhere at all. They can use it in person just like you would a normal debit card, and also make all my purchases, which we will get to shortly. It really doesn't matter who uses it, only who has it, and once you get it in your hands, that is entirely for you to determine, not having to jump through all manner of legal hoops by talking to a bank!

One of the primary benefits of using a prepaid debit card as opposed to simply being given cash is that it is an entirely protected form of money. You cannot lose it, it will not be stolen, and if it is, there is a very definitive way to track it. This is different from using cash money because, once cash is gone, you really have no idea who is spending it or where. Unless you rather bank and get some sort of special form of money with serial codes on it that are identifiable and distinctly written down, the money is pretty much up for grabs, which is why so many people steal things like this!

Debit is Always Better

You are also open to using your prepaid debit card for paying for things in any number of ways without having to use cash as a means of exchange. This obviously comes the most in handy when you were doing something like shopping a lot. You can buy anything you would like with a prepaid debit card on those sites, all of them still working through the major credit card and debit card manufacturers of their network, so everything still tends to work through Visa or MasterCard or any of the other versions of that. In the future, they will also be more versions, and it'll work just like that!

Anything at all that you want to do with a debit card, you can certainly do with a prepaid debit card, only with a few more added conveniences. For example, in addition to being able to make purchases online, you can also make purchases at places like gas stations and other stores that only except card readers. This is becoming more and more common the longer time goes on, mainly because people would not have to be bothered by using something along the lines of a cash register to take your payment. No one wants to have to deal with that, and even fewer people want to take the time to sort it all out. Best to get with the times, and a prepaid debit card is a wonderful way to do so without a bank account!

Prepaid debit cards that are given to people in the form of their payment for pay day loans also have the advantage that there is no a fee associated with the prepaid debit card itself. You are given the prepaid debit card for free, and there are no expenses needing to be done to keep it up. Bank accounts charge everybody a monthly fee, and often have other associated things that you have to follow, such as having a minimum balance in place, and things of that nature. A prepaid debit card simply has cash behind it, and you can put as much or as little as you would like, and never have to worry about anything else besides that. You need to know how much is on there, which will get to shortly, but that's about all there is to using a prepaid debit card.

In recent years, some people have actually resorted to using prepaid debit cards instead of having a traditional bank account. They will instead have their money being something like cash or bitcoin, and then simply put money onto a prepaid debit card when they would like to carry it around with them. It is somewhat becoming the modern form of cash, only many people obviously have a bank account to back there's. You will be able to do that without a bank intervening with a prepaid debit card, however, which makes everything a lot easier to do, illuminates the fees, and allows you to keep all of the benefits.

They Work at Most ATMS

Just to prove that the cash behind a prepaid debit card is real, you can go up to pretty much any ATM, put your prepaid debit card inside of it, it be given real cash in return, as long as it is within the balance that you have all the debit card. This is all real stuff, it works just as you would expect from a big fancy bank. The main difference here is that it is more convenient, on your own terms, and there are no fees or associated things to get trapped him. We think this is lovely, and it is one of our most preferred where is the pay, as we would all rather go rob banks, and not really have to trust them in an extended way again. Not that some form of a bank isn't still holding the money, but you know what we mean!

Why are prepaid debit cards offered as a way of receiving a payday loan you might ask? This is for a few reasons that tend to be comment to the demographic of people that have been verified to seek out pay day loans. None of them are in anyway chastisement of these people, only the fax, and if you're reading this, chances are you can relate to many of them. Many people falling to the circumstances through no fault of their own, and if they did, they could easily not fall back into it if they were given a chance and some money to make their way out of their currently financially troubling situation.

Why Prepaid Debit Cards for a Payday Loan?

The main reason the prepaid debit cards are offered as an option of receiving your money is the simple fact that many people seeking out payday loans and car title loans are not in a position to have a bank account. They often do not have very good credit, have been denied a bank account, and any of various things that will make it completely unnecessary for them to have to go through the work of receiving an actual check. If you do have a bank account, and you're already happy to pay for it, then by all means you will be offered cash back or money directly into your savings account. If you do not, however, you can still compress the same thing by receiving a prepaid debit card, making it a winning scenario for everybody involved.

Even if you were not seeking out a payday loan, if you have bad credit or have been denied a bank account for any number of reasons, such as being undocumented, then a prepaid debit card can be a very viable option for you. It is much the same as having a bank account, and there are virtually no limits on the amount that you can put into them, or the number of prepaid debit card you could have. You could very easily make them for your friends and family, and have all of your money be safe and secure without having to go through all the trouble of filling out paperwork and boring things of that nature. It is a truly great time to be alive in all ways, including how we handle our money!

Although some prepaid debit cards offer fees in exchange for other goodies much like a bank account, the grand majority of them do not. Most of them have absolutely no fees are making any purchase, and have nothing that you need to do other than activate them and put money on them. You can get money at ATMs for free within certain networks, which are growing more common by the day such as the money past network, it will be charged a very small fee at other ATMs, which tends to be on the order of two dollars. This makes it very easy to get your money back in cash in an instant, as long as you were back near an ATM sometime.

There are also many ways to put money back onto these prepaid debit cards once they are out, or if you would like to put more money on them while they are still active. The most obvious one is of course direct deposit, working at precisely the same way as a normal bank account. Direct deposit is the preferred way, and definitely the simplest. You simply go to a provider, or in someway contact someone that can set this up, give them cash, and the money is directly deposited into the prepaid debit card. You can also use a prepaid debit card to create an additional prepaid debit card, which is a very common practice that we will come to shortly.

In addition to that, you can put money on a prepaid debit card by using a credit card itself. You might ask why you would want to do such a thing, as you wouldn't have to pay back the credit card on top of that. The answer to this is simple, and one that is more useful than you would think. If you have friends and family, and in particular children, you may want to give them some money, but do not trust them to keep track of cash. We have all found a $20 bill laying on the street every once in a while, maybe even only a few times in our lifetime. These tend to come from kids that we're not paying attention, however, and they are losing out on the money that their hard-working parents and give it to them!

If you give them a prepaid debit card, you don't have to worry about anything like that happening. If they lose the prepaid debit card, you can simply contact the company and make arrangements so that no one will be able to use it without your knowing. This is one of the main advantages of a prepaid debit card that is registered to a particular name, as it really does operate pretty much like a bank account for all practical purposes. You can control who spends the money, see where it was spent in most cases, and many things of that nature that make them a joy to use, and a very useful way to receive your pay day load if you are in need of some quick money.

You Can Deposit onto These Cards

You can also deposit checks through a mobile app in most cases to a prepaid debit card. This is one of the most convenient ways that people find to put money on their prepaid debit card, turning some of their wages for work which tend to be received a check into an actual debit card that they can use. You can't exactly take around your paycheck and trade it for things, but you could definitely use your paycheck to put it on a prepaid debit card and then use that as you please. Many people now do this instead of having a traditional bank account, as it works pretty much the same way for them for all of the things that they would use a debit card for, and there's not much besides that that a banking account will let people do it this day and age.

In many stores, such as Walmart, you can use cash to put money directly on a prepaid debit card at the spot. Walmart does this for free, and you can find it at their usual customer service desk, which tends to be near the pharmacy and most of the major Walmart stores. Walmart is pretty much everywhere, so you won't have to worry about finding one, and it is a great way to get things done quickly if all you have is cash. Pretty much everyone else will charge you some kind of fee to put cash on a prepaid debit card, but Walmart is the way to go in our experience, and one of the only times you will hear us recommending them as a retailer!


These prepaid debit cards are not without their downsides, however. Although bank accounts do you have a lot of things that we disapprove of, there are some things that go on with debit cards that we do enjoy, and credit cards as well. One of them is a cash back feature, which gives you a very, very small percentage of the purchase those that you make back to you in the form of cash. This is because credit card profit on your using them at pretty much any location, and they give a very small fraction of that back to you, usually something along the lines of 1 to 5% at most. You will not see anything of this kind of a prepaid debit card, however, at least from the grand majority of the ones that you will see. In the future, this may change, but because prepaid debit cards are not profiting off of you like something along the lines of a credit card word, they don't really have any incentive for you to do this. They definitely deal with enough money that they can make money off of it, but it is not a huge profitable business like being a bank is.

There tend to be three major providers of these prepaid debit cards, and which one you choose will largely depend on your preference of who excepts work. The major one that most people get his visa, which is now the preferred method of debit and credit card transactions the world over. Or at least in America! You can definitely get a visa and use it at any restaurant you would like, and the grocery store you go to, and virtually any website on the Internet that is excepting money and operates out of the US. That is going to account for most of the locations you would use your pay day loan out, making it a very common and popular choice for the card itself.

Another avenue that you can choose to receive a prepaid debit card is by having it be on the MasterCard network. MasterCard is definitely the number to provider of debit and credit cards in the nation, and is always neck and neck with visa when it comes to popularity. You will never have to worry about being turned down if you have either a Visa or a MasterCard, but either way, you can pick and choose which one you prefer, all based on which networks you think you'll be using the most often. These are definitely the preferred networks that are excepted everywhere, and how the grand majority of people will go.

Finally, American Express is a third player that you could possibly receive a prepaid debit card from. American Express is the third most popular network for this in America, as you might expect give them their name! American Express is a very wonderful service, and one of the most preferred ways for people to use credit cards of the nation. To the user, they offer many advantages, few of which are actually relevant here. The main thing that holds people back for receiving at American Express, however, is that they are not as widely excepted as either a Visa or MasterCard. You could never be turned down for a visa, but you will likely be turned out for an American Express card quite often based on who they are.

You are probably wondering why this is, and if you are, that's very curious of you! There are very clear-cut reasons that are not hard to understand for way more places except everything that is not American Express, and it is because of one simple reason. American Express charges people a higher rate if you were to use it, particularly the retailers and not the user of the card, and they then pass the savings onto from their additional profits of those using an American Express card. You also will get better customer service if you get something from American Express, and it pretty much everywhere, they are more pleasant to deal with if you are the one using a prepaid debit card. They will not be excepted everywhere, and in some areas may not be excepted anywhere! But they are the preferred option if you have a choice and it will be excepted where you need to.

Most have No Fees

Although we said prepaid debit cards have no fees involved, this is not entirely true of some of them. Some of them do indeed have fees much like a bank account, and we would tend not to use them for that reason. They are still a very viable option if you cannot get a bank account, and have no way of getting credit, however, so we don't want to put them down entirely. They are simply not the preferred way to get paid with a prepaid debit card, and will only result in additional money being taken out, which you clearly need more of if you are in the market for a payday loan!

One of the fees that some of the better prepaid debit cards offer is one that will not apply to most people that receive pay day loans. If you want to keep the card active, and have not had any activity on the card in over a month, that you will be charged a fee. In most cases it is actually three months, which is quite a bit of time for not using something like a prepaid debit card! These fees tend to be very rarely experience by those receiving payday loans, however, as if it is your only source of bank account, you're probably going to use it quite a bit! For that reason, we would not consider to be a detriment to prepaid debit cards, as they are going to be use quite often if you are in the market for them.

Some of them also charge you fees anytime you make a purchase, but again, those are few and far between. You may be wondering how people make money on prepaid debit cards, and it comes from the simple reason that they are using your body when you don't have it to make things like investments that they can profit from. That really is it, and this is how traditional banks actually started. There were never any fees for a bank in the beginning, because they actively made money by holding your money for you. They would definitely not be able to give everybody all of their body back all at once, but they would be able to give back plenty of money to plenty of people in a reasonable spend of time, making it entirely possible to do that.

Another for you that is sometimes put on card such as this is whether you're going to use them on mine to pay a bill. You might think that that is kind of unfair, and it somewhere as it is! These fees tend to be pretty rare, however, and are easy enough to get around. The reason that they charge you for paying bills online if you are using a prepaid debit card is the predatory fact that, if you are the kind of person with a card like this, chances are you really have no other way to pay your bills. This is the perfect opportunity to get more money out of you, and one that they take full advantage of all the spot! We recommend not choosing ones that have feels like that, however, if they are the rarity nowadays because of the vast market of cards yet.

Although some of these prepaid debit cards operate on existing bank networks, such as American Express, many of them have their own banking networks that are entirely unique to the card itself. Using these massive networks, they can give you access to ATMs that are all over the United States. Some cards are specific to a certain state, or region of states, such as the west. This is also something to keep in mind with your prepaid debit card, but one that you will probably be aware of because the banks tend to have names like bank of the west, which makes it somewhat obvious. Chances are you are not going to travel all over the world if you're receiving a payday loan as well, making this less of an issue.

Rules of the Cards

Cards like these tend to have a minimum balance that needs to be present on them over a span of time, which is perfectly in line with the amount of money that you'll probably be receiving for a pay day long. The average tends to be at least $500, and if you do not have $500 at least on the prepaid debit card with many of them for the span of 1 to 3 months, you will have to pay money or the card itself is going to close. In most cases, receiving the card itself is entirely free, so there really is no reason not to just let the card cancel rather than keeping more money in it. This is what we tend to do, and what we recommend to most people that they do as well. Do not pay for these things if you can avoid it, as that's already more money that you could've spent getting out of the situation that brought you to this place in the first place!

The ownership of the card can also be different as well, depending on which provider you go with. Some cards allow you to have joint ownership of the card, making it very much like a bank account that is shared with your spouse. If you want to have them use your card at a grocery store, there is no need to have two cards, you guys can simply use the same one and not have to juggle your finances around buying something as small as a tomato. These tend to be our favorite cards of this kind, and the one that we recommend people choose the most when they are receiving their payday loan. You do often have a choice in this, as it is usually no sweat off the back of the provider to give it to you.

Some cards also let you see your spending habits in a visual way, especially if they are already provided by the bank that does this for traditional banking accounts. Wells Fargo and American Express, for example, both do this. Because they already have that software built into their network, it is really no big deal for them to simply allow you to use it when you would like to see your visual account of what is going on. We recommend those two providers above all others, each offering there a way to pay. Which method Wells Fargo uses can change from time to time, but they tend to be Visa or MasterCard. If you go with them, they will be widely excepted. If you go with American Express, you have it at their experience, but won't be able to use it as many locations.

Wells Fargo in particular also offers you activity alerts, letting you be notified once someone uses your card, even on your smart phone itself if you set it up. At the very least this works on iPhones, which are some of the most common phones available, as well as the android platform. This will work you keep track of your bank account in real time, and be notified the second that your spouse decides to buy you a top-secret birthday present!

Wells Fargo also offers you the free option of using your card to make cashiers checks, which can be useful for people that find themselves in the situation to be a prepaid card such as this on a payday loan. You will be able to make cashiers checks out of the card if you would like, and still have money left on the card to use for other things. When you are ready, you could even keep the card after that, at the end more money overtime to keep things going. This is the system many people do, keeping the same card for a very long time, and treating it much like the traditional bank account. You are used to paying massive about some money for.

Different Kinds of Cards

Some services, such as akimbo, will also allow you to set budgets on the card for exact categories of things, and have a pin code set on things during certain months or for certain transactions. You will also be able to set a maximum limit on transactions with such a code as well. This is very different than what most people do, and provide to a lot of flexibility and how the card is used it how you run your household. You can even have up to five cards that you could share with your friends and family, making out one of the best ways to get a prepaid debit card as far as features go.

Although they are a wonderful way to do this, akimbo is also not the only way that you would be able to receive a prepaid debit card in a way that you can budget for your family. If you want something that is entirely design particularly for a family, FamZoo is one that is designed just for you. They let you act as a entire branch of banking for your children, primarily intended for parents that want to have their kids with a debit card, but want some control. Here, you can have up to four cards at once if you have a plan with them, and each additional one is only two dollars for any car that you want to add. You can then add or adjust the balance that you have on any of these cards on the go, making it very easy and convenient to set up. The downside of this one is that there is a monthly fee to have it, acting like a subscription. You will also pay ATM fees at many ATMs, which further increases the cost.

There are many more like this, but you get the idea. There are a variety of prepaid debit cards that act very much like a bank account, have a wide range of controls that you can employ to manage your money, and after a while, you'll wonder why you would even need a bank account at all! This makes a great for people that want to get loans and have them show up immediately, but may also be in financial situations that make having a bank untenable for them.

Direct Express Cards are Also an Option

In addition to being able to put your money on a prepaid debit card, you also have the option to get a direct express card for emergency cash. Direct express emergency cash is something that comes up quite often if you are receiving something like a car title loan or a payday loan. If you don't already know what these things are, chances are they may not apply to you. If any of the following situations rings true for you, however, you can be happy that we recommended them to you, and brought it up!

The main distinguishing feature of a direct express card, particularly which is applied to emergency cash, is that it is something that is almost exclusive to people that are on the receiving end of federal funding. It is a benefits card, and all of your benefits are given to you electronically. This is way easier than using any traditional form of checking, or other systems that are a kin to food stamps for people that are not quite as needed as others. It is one of the most preferred ways for people to receive federal benefits now, and applies to a large variety of people and organizations.

Most people that receive these cards may not know them by their names. There are many government agencies that offer this as a service, however, which also happened to fall into the category of people that are receiving things like pay day loans and other related forms of easy loans. If you have fit into any of these categories, a direct express emergency cash option may be a very good fit for you, and save you if you are in a pinch!

Who Gets Them

One of the largest federal agencies providing direct express benefits that are held on the card itself with the Coast Guard. You will find the Coast Guard gives out very good benefits to those working for it, and those that have also done their time there to serve their country. If this sounds like you, you have been in the service, and are someone that is still actively in it, you may be eligible for a direct express card, and would be able to receive your loan on it if the card is already existing and you are a recipient.

If you are in the defense finance and accounting area of things, you are also able to receive government benefits in the form of this sort of card. These also apply to different things and family members that are associated with this agency. If you're retired, you're retired military pay will have to be on one of these cards, and your loan can be received on it as well. If you are a spouse of someone that was involved in this agency, you are also eligible to receive benefits, it may in fact have one of these cards already, even if you didn't know it!

The department of labor also gives out things like these, giving out some of the largest benefits that you will find in all of the different organizations that we will go over. If you are a federal employee and you are injured at any time, you are probably on Worker's Comp. This is often now given out on direct express card, so you probably already have one, even if you were not aware of that. If you are now needing an additional loan in a hurry, you can get emergency cash added to the card, without having to jump through any additional hoops.

If you are on longshore and harbor workers comp, you are also eligible to receive a direct express card, and will probably have an easier time getting a direct emergency cash deposit as well. These include all longshore workers that are actively in deployment, that may have been injured, or are otherwise out of service. These are lesser known benefits that these types of workers can't receive, meaning that you may use this as a chance to get your benefits that you have been missing out on for sometime now, and can thank us later!

If you are any sort of office personnel that has been in the civil service, then you will also be eligible to receive a card like this, I have your bones proceed a lot smoother. If you are retired, or a survivor, that you will likely already have one of these cards and know exactly what we are talking about. If you did not, then chances are this would be a good opportunity for you to get in on it, and start receiving many of the benefits that you so rightly deserve!

Anyone that has worked on a rail road for a long period of time is also someone that is prime for receiving a benefit like this. If you are part of the railroad retirement board, or anything like that, this is a very good time to get started on one of these cards! If you're retired obviously, you are definitely eligible, but you also are eligible for it if you are recently unemployed from that for any sort of reason, including being sick for something that has happened on the railroad. And almost any government agency in fact, if you were somehow rendered sick or ill on the job in a way that has lingering effects, you are allowed to receive Worker's Compensation pretty much indefinitely, and are eligible for this card.

If you want that used to work for the US department of the treasury is also someone that's probably already got one of these cards in hand, even if you did not know it. The DC pension is tending to give out through this kind of car nowadays, so if you have something like that, you probably already have one of these cards waiting for you, whether or not you have managed to pick one of them up. This is something that will probably not apply to many people because those sorts of folks probably don't need an emergency cash loan, but it is something worth mentioning if you happen to be among them.

Pretty much anyone that is older probably has one of these cards now as well, as the Social Security administration will use these cards to give you your benefits. If you are on Social Security Curity retirement, or supplemental security income, both are now predominantly giving out on cards just like this. If you receive any kind of benefits they have Social Security and the title, but don't quite neatly fit into either of those categories, this probably still applies to you as well. We tend to remind people all the time that you can start receiving Social Security benefits in your 60s, whether or not you retire. If you didn't know that, get on it immediately, and start receiving some of the money you put into it over the years!

By far the largest of all of these groups are the veterans, chief of those associated with the veterans affairs department, or the veterans health administration. Veteran compensation of pensions are now given out all these kinds of cards, and it is now the preferred way for the veterans affairs department to handle most of its dealings. These include any educational expenses that you will get, selected reserve expenses that will be given out here, and things like vocational rehab and employee training. Pretty much anything that has to do with being a veteran now operates on one of these cards, making it a good way to add your money on top of so it would all be easy to access. You will also be eligible for your compensated work therapy expenses here, as well as any medical research expenses that you are due for participating in things like that. Although this is a very harsh way to receive benefits like these, if you're eligible for them and can have your loan card work alongside of it, you may as well take advantage of it and enjoy it while you can!

Why Get Things on This Type of Card?

Part of the reason that people like direct express card for you somethings like this is that, rather than having a truck show up every month or having to cash things, you will have your benefits directly deposited right onto the card itself. Much like the prepaid debit cards that we have gone over in detail, these operate in very similar ways. It is somewhat like a bank account without most of the strings attached, letting you use it just like a debit card without any other hassle. It is primarily intended for people receiving benefits of some kind, but if you are in a position to take out a quick loan, that may be you!

This tends to work with your money being deposited on a monthly basis, and receiving your loan on the direct express card will work in much the same way. Rather than being given a check in person, or cash, everything will happen electronically, without any of the associated paperwork that you are used to. This also has the advantage of it not being eligible to be lost or stolen, and makes transferring things easier because you are entirely in control of it in the same way you would be if it were a normal debit card tied to one of the major banks.

Direct express cards operate on the MasterCard network, so anywhere that excepts that will be able to except the money that you have taken out on your emergency cash loan. Although it is called emergency cash, you can use it pretty much anywhere you want in the form of the direct express card, which is part of the reason it is phrase that way. Cash here means that it is general purpose money that you can use as you see fit. It is not a specific long term is tied to how you make use of it, or any sort of restrictions placed on how the money itself is going to change hands. This is a more adult way of handling loans, leaving it entirely up to the discretion of the one taking out the loan and taking on the risks that a company such a loan to determine how best to use that money. We are vastly prefer this method of handling things, rather than having someone look over your shoulder and criticize your every move.

You are able to use this at ATMs just like you would a normal debit card as well. In the case of the direct express card, there are usually will not be a fee associated with it, either, meaning you can very much turn it into cash money if you would like to used in that manner as well. It is entirely up to you, you being the boss of how to manage your own risks when it comes to taking out a loan. If this sounds enticing to you, then chances are you are someone that would love to receive the loan in this fashion! And as long as you are receiving federal benefits, you don't have to go through the trouble of getting another account set up with anyone else.

In addition to being able to use this direct express card to get cash out of ATM, you can also use it exactly like a debit card to make purchases online. This functions exactly like a credit or debit card wording on my marketplace, having its own number is still operating on the MasterCard network. The people that you are buying from don't even know that you're technically using a direct express card. All they really know is that you have a MasterCard with a number, and that there is plenty of money on the account to exchange it in favor of giving you some goods.

Things that Make This Card Great

This hopefully addresses some of the fears that some people have when it comes to using a direct express card to make purchases. They are usually fearful that, when they are down on their luck in receiving things like government aid, people then immediately know that by virtue of how they pay for things. They worry that they will be branded as lesser in somewhere than someone else with a different form of payment. That is not a possibility here, as no one really knows what these are, and won't be able to tell if you are using them online!

You are also able to use a direct express card to buy money orders, only in the US it is entirely reserved to official USPS post office is. Here, you can buy money orders in any amount that you want, so long as there is enough money on the account to support it. There are many of the various reasons you might want to do something like this when you are trying to pay back and outstanding debt, or otherwise transfer money around during an emergency. Rather than ask questions and make a complicated, the post office says someone volunteered to make this an easier service, and will even allow you to send the money order on the spot because you are already at the post office itself!

Was worried that people have about having a direct express card, in addition to having a prepaid debit card, is that unlike a bank, they think that their money is not quite as safe. Part of the reason banks have earned our trust is that they have more money than anyone person would ever be able to have, and accordingly, would be able to cover any losses or missed placed money if something bad were to happen. Without a bank behind it, this makes a prepaid debit card seem like something that could potentially be less safe. That is fortunately not true, however, for reasons that we will now tell you!

Direct Express is Insured

Part of the reason the banks are able to support your money if something bad happens is that they are in sure. It might sound kind of strange to think of banks as someone that has to take out insurance, but it is true! This is what provides all of the financial support and trust behind the banks and how they handle your money, because if anything goes wrong or someone were to try to steal it, they are insured, and with themselves not really lose out on anything at all.

Most prepaid debit cards, including the direct express card, are also insured, by the FDIC. They are insured all the way up to the maximum amount that the law will allow, which is pretty much as good as you can do as you would imagine! They also meet all consumer protection standards that are offered by master card and regulation E. They protect you against all sorts of things that you might be afraid of someone doing if you only have your money on a debit card that is not tied to a bank account, and here are only some examples that you can look forward to being safe from should they have occurred with you:

If your card is somehow lost or stolen, you don't have to worry, because you can easily access it yourself and put a stop to that. You have all the control in the world over how your card will operate, including causing it to no longer operate at all. This still lives open the fact that someone could use your card while it was out of your possession, however, which is the main worry that some people have, particularly if someone has stolen the card in an effort to take your hard loaned money.

Because of the insurance provider to direct express and other debit cards of the prepaid variety, however, you are entirely protected against any unauthorized personnel from using your card. All unauthorized uses of your card are protected, and should want to rise, it is simple to take care of. Oftentimes the company behind the card, in this case direct express, will even contact you directly if they think something strange is going on with your account. The system that you will go through from there is quite simple to resolve the matter, to the point where it almost seems too good to be true!

Once an authorized charged is sitting on your card, either by you or by direct express or any of the prepaid debit card providers, you won't usually have to come in contact with one another, usually by phone or email. After you have contacted them about it, you guys simply discuss things and provide any of the necessary information that they would require to look into things. They will usually give you the benefit of the doubt if the charge that is made is entirely out of the ordinary with her usual purchasing habits, such as someone buying an entire used car in another state with your card out of nowhere with no premeditation on your part.

We for one can personally vouch that direct express handles the stuff very well. We actually have that exact situation happened to us with one of our cards. We had no idea something had gone on, and the card itself was still in our possession. Someone had stolen the amount itself, however, by taking the number of the card and trying to use it elsewhere. They really did buy an entire used car from a European auto center that we had never heard of, and if we had not been contacted directly by direct express the moment it happened, we never would have known, until we went to use our card and were out of luck! Because the purchase itself was entirely out of line with our normal spending behavior, at a pace we had never been to a live nowhere near, and the title of the car certainly was not in our name or anyone that we were related to, nor any of our friends, we were given the benefit of the doubt, the amounts of money was credited back to our account, and they looked into it without us having to do anything else. We don't technically even know if they ever sort of the matter out, all we know is that our money was safe, and I really took was a phone call or two to have it all perceived as smoothly as could be expected given the circumstances!

The only thing to note about on authorized purchases like these are that they have to be properly brought to the attention of the debit card companies themselves. In many cases they will actually go out of their way to contact you, but in the event they don't, you should still keep track and monitor your card so you will be able to come to them with any issues that may arise. We recommend doing this the moment that you see a questionable charge on there, even if it ends up being a charge that you figure out later was actually one of your own. It is better to air on the side of caution when it comes to this stuff, and you do not want to be left out in the cold with your money stolen just because you didn't feel like taking the time to make a phone call or send an email to sort it all out!

The direct express card, if you use it for your emergency cash, will also still have all the normal rules apply to it should your card in anyway be lost or stolen. If this is the case, you simply contact them and they will replace it, usually free of charge. You may be charged an additional fee if you tend to lose it quite often, but we do not imagine that will apply to many people that are smart enough to have the cart and seek out a loan to put on it. We must bring this up so you could know that, much like the other prepaid debit cards, if you lose them, your money isn't magically gone and never seen again if you take out a loan!

They Don't Offer Credit!

One point of the confusion that some people have with cards like direct express as that, because the terms of it seem to operate much like a credit card, they assume that possibly it operates like a credit card itself. The fact that you can receive a emergency loan on it in the form of emergency cash also makes it seem as if there is some sort of credit nature to it, which makes people think that they are able to use it for amounts that exceed any amount of money that has been placed on it as a balance. We will address this right here so there is absolutely no confusion, and you will not go about using one of these cards incorrectly.

Unlike a credit card, with a prepaid debit card or a direct express card, you are provided with absolutely no line of credit with which to use on it. It may seem like this is not the case because you can receive a loan on it, but rest of sure that you will not be automatically given some sort of additional loan once you exceed the maximum balance that has been placed on the card. You are only allowed to use the amount that has been debited to the card, it was that it's up, the card is very much empty, much like a bank account would be. Credit cards allow you to borrow money, which you are then paying back with interest every month, if not just paying back in general to the bank itself without paying any interest. That is not at all how it works here, and it really is just a debit card with a lot less hassle associated!

People use these much like they would a bank account without having to go through the trouble of making them, just like all the prepaid debit card stuff that we have gone over. This makes things a lot safer if you are receiving a loan, especially in an emergency cash situation. You don't have to worry about any of the amount getting lost or stolen, which is something that happens quite a bit with cash or checks. You might think that checks do not get stolen, but they do, if people jump through all kinds of hoops trying to get them cash without actually being you!

It's All Automatic

It is also far easier to receive benefits and loans on a card like this because all the deposits are automatic. You will receive your benefits on them each month in the normal time, and your loan amount will be received almost immediately after you have filled out the forms. If you have already gotten a an emergency cash loan before, no further forms are necessary, you speak with simply speak to one of the loan officers and they will set it up immediately. You don't have to wait for something to be mailed to you, or even email to you, it all just happens without a stop in the pace!

Direct express is also back by MasterCard, making it easy to make purchases pretty much anywhere on the planet at this point. Whether it is a retail outlet, going to a bank or credit union itself, or needing to get real cash money from an ATM, MasterCard is excepted anywhere that pretty much anything is excepted out at all. This is about as close as they can get to giving you cash, only without the existential dread that comes from losing something like that when you are in a time of need.

Many people are already eligible to receive a direct express card, but may not be actually getting one because they never took the time to sign up. Even if you are already receiving Social Security or any kind of supplemental security income, you won't necessarily have the card itself set up because it is a more recent thing. If this is the case, and you are seeking out some kind of quick emergency loan, now would be a good time to set all that up to make all of your life easier. You simply give them a call and they will enroll you in it, usually happening within the same there. You can even set this up alongside setting up your alone, streamlining the whole process and making it more productive.

Once you have a direct express card, they will actually contact people on your behalf whenever you want to use it as a debit card. If you already have one of these cards when you came in to get a load of this kind that we are discussing, for example, you would simply notify the place that you're getting the loan from that you have a direct express card, and it will all happen fairly automatically from there without you having to do any additional work. They have all of your relevant information already, and will handle it alongside your loan officer to set things up. It is a lot easier than having a prepaid debit card, although both are pretty easy in the grand scheme of things!

The Two Best Ways to Receive EZ Loans

As we have discussed, there are many ways to receive your loan, and on some form of prepaid debit card is the ideal way to go. Whether this is a prepaid debit card from one of the many providers we have discussed, or a direct express card for those that are receiving federal benefits on something that is very much a prepaid debit card, they both work, and are preferable to any kind of cash or other option that you will be able to get. Long gone are the days of checks and things of that nature, as is the need for a bank account itself!

Many people are understandably worried about receiving their payment in this way, after needing a bunch of cash in a hurry to solve some sort of personal crisis. For these people, they would love to be able to get money directly deposited into a bank account, but in many cases, they simply do not have one. For any of the various reasons that we have gone over, they may not have the credit or the cloud to have a bank account, or are in such financially dire straits that they have their bank account closed or denied to them. This is a troubling situation to be in when you were asking for money, as at that point, you don't even have somewhere to put the money that you need!

Prepaid debit cards are the perfect answer for this. Payday loans can be deposited directly on prepaid debit cards and forgo the need to have a large financial institution behind your method of receiving money. The direct express card is a federally back version of this, and operates in much the same way for anyone that is receiving things like Social Security benefits or Worker's Comp. These are wonderful ways to act in the world and spent money freely without actually having to go through the trouble of making a complicated it off and costly bank account.

Many people are worried that, if they receive money on a prepaid card and not in the form of a check or cash, then they will not be able to use their money where they needed to get out of the situations that people take out pay day loans in, or the kinds of situations that require emergency cash. You're able to use these cards anywhere that MasterCard and other providers are excepted, however, that being offered by Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, MasterCard itself being the one that direct express uses for their network. You can use this anywhere that excepts any form of payment, and even people with their phones now are able to hook these up to them and pay people using services like Venmo as an intermediary.

Hopefully we have cleared up the ambiguity around receiving loans on debit cards, gone into enough that you know that it is a lot easier and preferable that receive in cash or check, and answer any questions that direct express recipients may have had and how they might possibly get emergency cash added to an account that they already possess. People in the latter situation, often on fixed incomes in their retirement, have a lot of reason to want some emergency funding, which this loan provider would be happy to help you with should you give them a call or email!

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