Explore Your Financial Options with Orlando Payday Loan Offices

Orlando payday loan offices offer a convenient way to get a loan fast. You’ll have money the same day, which is a blessing when you have an urgent bill to pay. There are rules you should know before you visit a payday loan company in Florida.

Key Payday Loan Rules in Florida

The Florida Office of Financial Regulation has regulations in place to protect borrowers. First, you cannot borrow more than $500. Fees for that loan are limited to 10 percent of the amount borrowed plus $5 to verify your information. Loan repayment terms cannot be less than 7 days or more than 31.

After repaying your loan, you cannot immediately take out a new payday loan. You must wait a minimum of 24 hours. If you cannot repay the loan in the agreed upon timeframe, the payday loan office in Orlando needs to give you a 60-day grace period and you must sign up for Florida Consumer Credit Counseling Service and complete that program during the grace period.

Tips to Use Before Applying for Payday Loans in Orlando

Don’t sign up for a payday loan in Orlando until you’ve looked at alternative options. Some companies, including utility companies, often work with you to set up payment plans to help you through a rough time. Your church, a local non-profit, friends, and family may be willing to loan you money.

If you do need to apply for a payday loan, do it responsibly. Don’t borrow more than you need or can afford to repay on your next payday. Check that the payday lender has a valid Florida license. If the company does not, find a different payday loan office.

Check Out These Companies

Here are a few of the best Orlando payday loan offices. Each has multiple offices in Orlando and get good reviews from prior clients.

ACE Cash Express has 10 payday loan offices in Orlando. East Colonial Drive is one of them, and you’ll also find a few on South Crystal Lake, South Orange Blossom, and West Colonial. To apply, bring a photo ID, paycheck stub, and current bank statement. Once approved, you even get 72 hours to be certain you’re happy with the loan terms and fees.

Amscot – The Money Superstore offers payday loans of up to $500. Apply in the store and walk out with your cash in a matter of minutes. Fees are 10 percent, but Amscot drops the loan verification fee to $1, which saves you money. Plus, the offices are typically open all week, 24 hours per day.

InstaLoan has a payday loan office on both East and West Colonial Drive in Orlando. It’s open Monday through Saturday. Get approved for a loan in half an hour. With a personal loan, borrow as much as $1,500 or get up to $250 with a signature loan.

Don’t let the stress of an unpaid bill or emergency car, appliance, or home repair get you down. Consider the options available to you and head to an Orlando payday loan office if other options won’t work. Apply now and have peace of mind knowing your emergency expense is covered.