Need to Know Rules Regarding Payday Loans in Dallas

Before you take out a payday loan in Dallas, Texas, make sure you understand the laws. Companies offering car title and payday loans have specific regulations to follow. These range from where they can locate their business to limiting the amount Dallas payday loan companies can offer. Here are the rules you should know.

Payday Loan Companies Cannot Set Up Shop Anywhere They Want

A company offering payday loans in Dallas cannot be within 1,500 feet of another payday loan or title loan company. They also cannot be within 500 feet of an expressway or 300 feet from a residential neighborhood. Finally, Dallas payday loan companies must be in a single building and not part of a multi-tenant building that houses other businesses or service providers.

Registration is Required

To offer payday loans in Dallas, Texas, a company must register as a credit access business with the city. If the company does not have a valid certificate of registration, do not do business with them.

Never Pay a Fee Before You Get Your Money

Texas prevents lenders from being able to request you pay a fee before you receive the loan money. These transactions, known as advance fee loans, are illegal.

Renewal is Only Possible Once You Pay Down Some of the Principal

Dallas payday loans can be renewed as many as seven times. However, in order to renew a loan, 25 percent of the principal must be paid down first. You cannot take out a new payday loan within seven days of paying off the last one without it counting as a refinance.

There’s a Limit on How Much You Can Borrow

While Texas law allows for payday loans of up to $1,500 for a period of 10 to 40 days, Dallas payday lenders must check your income and determine your ability to repay. Dallas regulations require lenders to verify that the loan amount is not more than 20 percent of your gross monthly income.

There are times when a payday loan in Dallas is the best answer. If you need cash and don’t qualify for a bank loan, talk to friends and family or even your church about borrowing money first. If you’ve done everything possible and still need cash for an emergency repair, unexpected medical bill, or something similar, a payday loan offers the peace of mind you need until your next paycheck arrives.