National Credit Union Administration Now Offers Payday Loan Alternatives

The U.S. government and many state governments are cracking down on high-interest payday loans. New laws regarding interest rates, the number of times a payday loan can be renewed, and the amount that you can borrow are just some of the changes people are seeing. What if you need the money? For some, payday loans are the only option for getting cash fast. The National Credit Union Administration came up with a viable solution called the Payday Alternative Loan, or PAL for short.

How Does a PAL Work?

With a PAL, you borrow $200 to $1,000 from your local participating federal credit union. The loan term will range from one to six months. You pay the loan back at once or through payments of up to six months. This loan may have a processing fee of as much as $20, but the fee is only charged as a means to recover the loan processing fees. There is no way to roll over a PAL, so it keeps borrowers from running into new fees and more debt. Only one loan can be taken out. These loans are available to any credit union member who’s been in good standing with that credit union for at least one month. These loans are available to military members.

What If I Can’t Repay my PAL?

It is up to the credit union’s discretion, but the new regulations from the National Credit Union Administration allow for federal credit unions to extend loan terms if absolutely necessary. The only restriction is that the payday loan cannot exceed six months.

What’s the Interest Rate on a PAL?

The National Credit Union Administration limits credit union payday loans to 28%, which is much more affordable than traditional payday loans that have APRs of 300% on average.

Head to a credit union near you to learn more about payday loan alternatives. While a payday loan may still be your best choice, a credit union payday alternative loan (PAL) should be one of the options you look into first.