Five Income Ideas When You Need Help Paying Off Payday Loans

When paid for on time, payday loans are very beneficial tools in taking care of urgent repairs or bills. Some, however, get in over their heads and need help paying off payday loans. Here are five ways you can raise the extra funds needed for your payday loan payoff.

Hold a Yard Sale

It’s likely that you have unwanted or unused items in your home. That extra toaster you got for your wedding, the juicer your in-laws thought you’d use all the time, or the non-HD television that you tucked away years ago. All of the clothing you bought that didn’t fit correctly is worth cash. All of these items are worthwhile to others who are just starting out. Gather your used items and hold a yard sale over the span of a weekend. It’s surprising how much money can be raised for help paying off payday loans.

According to Forbes, the average number of yard sales held in 2014 was 165,000. The weekly revenue, throughout the U.S. came to approximately $4.2 million. Saturday remains the best day to hold a garage sale, and the earlier you open up, the better. With buyers out there scoping the papers for weekend sales, you can easily gain some, if not all, of what you owe in just one weekend.

Talk to Your Church

Many churches are stepping up and helping out their congregation by offering to help pay off debt. In many cases, the church acts as a co-signer on a personal loan. You have a monthly payment you can afford and no longer have to worry about using new payday loans to pay back payday loans.

Collect and Return Bottles and Cans

Drive down many roads and you’ll see returnable bottles and cans littering the shoulder. In some areas, if you spend time collecting these bottles and cans and then redeeming them for the deposit you can make some cash. The Wall Street Journal reported that a large garbage back holds about 240 cans. If the deposit in your area is 5 cents, that’s $12 a bag. In areas where centers will boost it to 6 cents, you can earn $14.40 per bag. Even better, if you live in one of the states where bottles and cans are returned for 10 cents, that’s a whopping $24 for one trash bag full of cans.

Drop Cable

Many homes have already cut the cord, but if you haven’t, you can save hundreds per year cutting cable or satellite television. Hook up a computer to your television and you can watch many major networks shows for free. If you’d rather have a streaming box like Roku, you pay a one-time fee for the box and then a nominal fee for a service like Netflix each month. You’ll save a bundle and have help paying off payday loans.

Work Online

After a long day at work, the last thing you want is to have a second job. There are several sites where you can work when you want in the comfort of your home. This extra income can be a huge help paying off payday loans. Try Amazon’s MTurk for small tasks. Some are very low paying, but with a little searching you can find transcription work or surveys that pay a good amount. Sites like Textbroker can also be helpful in earning extra income. Finally, if you have a creative mind, look at sites like Naming Force where you can earn a substantial amount of cash if a client chooses your business name, slogan, or logo.

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