Direct Express Loans

Taking out money with a cash loan is almost impossible when you don't have a bank account. With a Direct Express Debit MasterCard, you can eliminate the uncertainty and get the money you need. Here are things you should know about Direct Express debit card payday loans.

The Problems With Most Payday Loans

Fast cash loans work like this. You apply online, wait minutes for your application to get approved, and then receive your cash. Usually, this takes no more than a business day. Some companies can have your funds to you in an hour. When it's time to pay the money back, they have your bank account and do a bill payment transaction.

Because they take the payment from your checking account in most cases, you need an active account. You prove this by providing a blank check or bank statement. When you don't have one, it's frustrating. You need money to cover an emergency expense, but companies hear "no bank account" and deny your application. There is another option.

What is a Direct Express Debit Card?

The Direct Express debit card is a recommended means of receiving Social Security income. The U.S. Department of the Treasury requires payments to be made electronically. They do not mail checks or hand out cash in their offices. If you don't have a means for them to send your money electronically, you won't get your money.

The government recommends the Direct Express prepaid debit card for those who do not have bank accounts. When it's time for your monthly Social Security benefits, the money gets added to your prepaid debit card.

If you need to borrow money in a hurry, your options are limited without a bank account. It's not a concern if you have a Direct Express card. Payday loans using SSI Direct Express card become a possibility. Easy AZ Loans can help you find payday loan companies who offer Direct Express Loans.

How Direct Express Card Loans Without a Bank Account Work

When you need Social Security payday loans, using the SSI Direct Express card is the way to go. You don't need a bank account. Simply provide your card number and borrow money on your Direct Express card. Loan funds are deposited electronically onto your card. When it's time to repay, the bank processes the charge against your debit card.

Learn more about Direct Express card loans without a bank account. Easy AZ Loans can help you apply for loans using an SSI Direct Express card. We'll help you find the best rates and repayment terms. Fill out the form to get started.