Churches Becoming a Smart Solution to Your Financial Emergencies

When an emergency hits, you don’t have time to wait for a traditional bank loan to go through underwriting, appraisals, and then a closing scheduled weeks later. If you’re going without heat, water, septic, or even a broken down car, you cannot waste time. You need money to get the item repaired or replaced immediately. Health emergencies are another reason people take out payday loans, title loans, or other cash advance loans. All of these loans do not require you to have perfect credit and often put the money in your hand within one business day.

These are only a few of the reasons why these quick loans are becoming increasingly popular. You can use this cash loan to get what you need in a matter of days, instead of weeks. Interest rates can be high, however, so smart consumers need to look for alternatives. There’s a new option offered in some churches that offers low-interest rates and availability to any person. You do not need good credit to qualify for a church assistance loan.

How a Church Loan Works

With a church loan, a member of the congregation goes to the pastor to explain the financial issue. The pastor then offers church funds as collateral and works closely with a specific bank or financial institution to make sure parishioners, regardless of their credit score, will qualify for a loan when they’re down on their luck.

Many traditional cash loans are non-secure loans, meaning that if the borrower fails to pay, the bank is out that money. Non-secure loans have higher interest rates because they are a bigger risk to the bank. To avoid the high-interest rates, a parishioner gets the pastor’s approval to use the church’s money as collateral. If the payments are not made, the lender is not out the money, and therefore offers substantially lower interest rates.

Is a church loan right for you? Not every church offers them, but it doesn’t hurt to talk to your pastor and find out. If your church doesn’t offer them, there are still ways to get cash in your bank account in a matter of days for a low payment you can afford on your current salary.