Christmas Loan Specials You Shouldn't Miss

As the holidays quickly approach, don’t let the stress of finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones get you down. Christmas loan specials make it easy to borrow money from a trusted lender for a length of period that meets your needs. Learn more about some of the options available to anyone who meets the terms when they apply for a Christmas loan.

Low Interest Rates

One of the big Christmas loan specials being offered through banks, credit unions, and online lenders is the chance to choose your interest rate. If you’ve been thinking of using your credit card to complete your Christmas shopping, think again. Many credit cards charge interest rates as high as 29 percent, but you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars by applying for a low-interest Christmas loan. With interest rates well below 5 percent, you’ll pay less money over the length of the loan.

Skip a Payment Offers

Another Christmas loan special banks often offer are skip-a-payment deals that allow you to miss one payment during the holiday season without any penalties. As long as you are not behind on your Christmas loan payments, you’ll have the power to miss one payment and not worry about having it impact your credit report.

Buy Now, Pay Later

The buy-now-pay-later Christmas loan specials are extremely helpful to people who are in between jobs or were just laid off. Apply for a Christmas loan, get the money you need for holiday shopping, and then don’t worry about making your first payment for the next two months. When you’re laid off, it can take a couple weeks or more before your first unemployment check comes through. With a buy-now-pay-later Christmas loan special, you’ll have your money in hand before the payment is due. Enjoy stress-free holidays with this special perk offered by Christmas loan companies.