Terms and Conditions

Most people are basically aware that a short term loan is offered to meet the urgent cash needs to manage financial cash flow. This is actually not the right option to manage long term financial problems. You can choose long term financing, which is more suitable. However, you also have the option of discussing your financial situation with a nonprofit financial counseling organization in your community. If you opt to renew your loan, then you should know that there are additional fees charged.

Agreement to Judge all Disputes

If you opt for an internet cash advance in order to process your loan application or you sign an agreement with the company, you and the company would agree to all and any disputes, claims, or controversies that the company, their agents or services have against you or you have against the company.

This can be against the company’s agents, services, officers, directors and employees that arise as a result of your application, or the loan for which you are applying, or the loan agreements which would govern the repayment responsibilities, or any other loan that the company had or will make to you later. The agreement to arbitrate all the disputes, collecting all the common laws including disputes that are related to arbitration could be resolved through binding personal arbitration under the code of procedure of NAF in effect during the time the claim is being filed.

The agreement to arbitrate all the disputes would apply regardless of who claim is filed against. Forms and rules of the NAF can be obtained, and all the claims would be filed at any of the NAF offices as well as at www.arb-forum.com over the internet. The other option mailing the forms to the National Arbitration Forum, P.O. Box 50191, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55405-0191.

If for some reason you are unable to pay for the arbitration cost, then the arbitration fees would be waived through NAF. The amount of the participatory hearing for a person would be only paid by the organization if the amount is less than $15,000. Any of the participatory hearings would take place at your residence. The arbitration agreement is also made consistent with a transaction that involves interstate commerce. This would be governed through the Federal Arbitration Act. The judgment for the award can be entered by any person in any court hearing.

Agreement Not To Participate, Join, or File Class Actions

According to the law, if you sign below you agree not to bring, participate, or join any class action or any claims, controversy, or disputes you might have against the company or their employees, officers, directors, agents, or their services. You would also agree to the matter of injunctive release to stop this lawsuit or to remove you as the participant of the suit. Apart from this, you also agree to pay the amount that would be incurred including the company cost and attorney fees for getting relief.