Internet Cash Advance Privacy Policy

Internet Cash Advance deals with loan products and is dedicated to providing its customers the best possible option on different types of loan. Generally, they deal in cash advance loans however they even provide debt consolidation loans, mortgage loans, refinance loans, home loans, reverse mortgage loans, home equity loans, auto loans and debt settlement services. They always do their best to connect the customer with the best possible counterpart with the loan lender. Internet Cash Advance also has some privacy and security measures which they implement on in order to secure the information provided by the borrower. Protecting the privacy of the customer is very much essential for all the banks. In order to offer the customers with the best possible short term loans conveniently and effectively this website takes all the needed efforts. They utilize certain technology in order to maintain and manage the entire information provided by their customers. The subsequent privacy policies serve as the standard policy for all the employees of bank for use, collection, security and retention of nonpublic personal information that is related to the short term loan programs.

What is the information collected by Internet Cash Advance?

Internet Cash Advance collects non-public information about the customers from the following sources: • Information provided by the borrower or customer on the loan application form like address, name, social security number, income and assets. • Information about the loan transaction of the customer like the payment history and the balance amount of loan. • Information received from the third party like consumer reporting agencies and other loan lenders in relation to the credit report and creditworthiness. Nonpublic personal information is the nonpublic information about the customer that they obtain in relation with offering a short term loan to their customer. For instance, nonpublic personal information normally includes name, payment history, and social security etc.

What is the information disclosed by Internet Cash Advance?

According to the law, this website has the permission to disclose certain nonpublic personal information about their customer to the third party in some of the situation. For instance, they disclose nonpublic personal information to the customer reporting agencies and to the government entities about the short terms loan availed by their customer. These disclosures are prepared as essential to enforce, effect and administer the loan which the customer has authorized or requested. If not, then they do not disclose this information to anyone except as permitted by the government law.

Security Procedures taken by Internet Cash Advance

Internet Cash Advance also takes several steps in order to safeguard all the information provided by the customer. They also restrict the access to the customers information about the customer to the employee's of their lenders who need to know the information on short term loan availed by the customer. They maintain and manage electronic, procedural and physical safeguards which meet the terms and conditions of the federal standards in order to guard the nonpublic personal information of the customer.