EverBank Banking

EverBank is financial service provider firm in Jacksonville, Florida. It provides diversified banking services such as investing solutions, mortgage banking and standard banking. The EverBank Banking can be done in two ways. These are standard offices for banking and direct banking. EverBank Banking can also be done over the internet, telephone and mail. Though the origins of the bank are found back in 1962, the current structure of the bank is formed in 1994.

Services provided by EverBank

Pure EverBank Banking facilities comprise of checking of interest rates, savings, credit cards, deposits, certificates and financial management. Every bank offers a personal checking account. With this account the account holder can check their saving or current accounts. EverBank does not charge any extra fees for checking the accounts. The bank on the other hand offers free checking facility on the internet.

The account for interest checking offers various benefits. Complimentary account management is provided in this account. EverBank Banking offers optional bill payment. For this the user needs to maintain the FreeNet Checking Account balance of $ 1, 500. The EverBank does not charge surcharge for bank’s ATM service. The EverBank Banking has the option to repay up to $ 6 per month out of the ATM fees that has been charged by other banks.

The online bill payments provided in EverBank Banking has a number of benefits. Anyone can pay the bill at any time of the day. If the account number and password is known, then the bill payment can be done by anyone on behalf of the account holder. The bills can also be paid in advance with the EverBank Banking. The paid bill is immediately displayed on the checking account.

Other than the online bill payment, the user can take full benefit of the online banking. The FreeNet checking account holder can transfer funds between the EverBank and other banks. This service is offered for free for the account holder. The users can also view their accounts in other banks. The records such as investments, 401K accounts, loans, rewards programs and credit card statement, can also be checked on the FreeNet checking accounts. One can also view the cancelled cheques on these accounts.

Money market accounts in EverBank Banking

The EverBank Banking offers special types of accounts named money market deposit accounts. One can open a Yield Pledge Money Market Account. This is the best option if the user wants to keep the money liquid. He can also earn the highest account rates which are offered by leading banks.

The money market deposit account offers various benefits. These are free cheques writing, minimum deposit amount of $ 1, 500 and no monthly maintenance fees applied. The yields pledged are in the top 5 % of the competitive accounts.

Business banking by EverBank

The EverBank Banking provides special segment of business banking. Similar to the FreeNet checking account for the individual users, the EverBank offers business checking account. Other account at the EverBank are inclusive of analysis account for business, interest checking account and checking account in non- profit mode. EverBank Banking offers business saving and business lending for the improvement of user’s business.