Equifax Credit Watch

Equifax authorizes consumers and businesses with a complete data which they can trust. Equifax is the leading company which offers data solutions and also controls one of the major commercial and consumer information along with the proprietary technology and latest analytics. This is being done in order to construct customized approaches which will enhance the lives of consumers and performance of businesses. All businesses, whether small or large rely on consumer credit intelligence, fraud detection, portfolio management, marketing tools and decision making technology. Equifax also authorizes individual consumers in order to handle their personal credit information, maximizing their financial well being and protecting their identity.

Recently Sun Trust Bank declared a program which is a free identity theft protection and credit monitoring which was from Equifax. Sun Trust bank became the initial main bank to offer Equifax credit watch protection for free to choose personal checking customers. As identity thefts are increasing daily in America, Equifax introduced their latest product Equifax Credit Watch protection program which helps customers in many ways. With the help of Equifax Credit Watch, the holders will have their credit file of Equifax monitored every seven days and they will also be informed about the basic changes in their credit file where the holder can identify potentially deceptive activities. Equifax Credit Watch holders can also receive up to 2,500 dollars in identitying theft insurance and premium customer care in every week along with a free credit report from Equifax.

With Equifax Credit Watch the holder can benefit early detection which is important as it helps the holder to respond to some of the doubtful activities on their credit file and reduce the impact of identity theft to their good name and credit. According to a certain survey it is noticed that almost fifty percent of the Americans are not sure of how to prevent identity theft. Since the year 2001 there have been several credit history and identity theft stolen in America. But with the latest Equifax Credit Watch all the Americans can benefit by not only preventing identity theft but also by preventing credit history stolen. As the client signs up for the free Equifax Credit Watch protection program he will be automatically informed about the basic changes in their Equifax credit file.

Equifax Credit Watch holders can also launch alert parameters based on their own usage and spending patterns, so better than the usual balances or else the immediate activation of the hidden account will trigger an alert alarm. If there is nothing for Equifax to report then they send the holder a monthly message which states “no news is a good news message” that is accompanied with anti theft tips and news. They can also receive identity fraud expense coverage that compensate sufferers of the stolen identity incident for assured expenses. So, Equifax Credit Watch is the modern anti theft solution for identity and credit thefts. If any of you have not purchased this product then do buy one and stay tension free.