BlueHippo® Loans

It is very difficult to find a borrower who can give loans despite bad credit. Thus, the chances of credit rebuilding for such borrowers becomes even dimmer.

However, there are some financial institutions that offer this chance for borrowers with bad credit to help them rebuild their credit. When you have bad credit, it becomes difficult to buy things that one needs such as laptops or computers. You don't need to worry about obtaining such gadgets despite bad credit because there are loans by BlueHippo that will allow you to buy the latest laptops, plasma televisions, and other such products. For individuals with a bad credit history, the BlueHippos loans are a great way to build a credit history and qualify for other loan programs.

The Company

The BlueHippo Company is known as the installment credit company in the financial world and whose founder is Joseph Rensin. The majority of customers who use BlueHippo are borrowers with a bad credit history who need electronic equipment but cannot afford to buydue to their bad credit history.

The BlueHippo is the leading company for bad credit finances, and is located in Windsor Mill, Maryland. BlueHippo has its own way of calculating the borrower's financial capacity, and it delivers the product directly to the borrowers for which they have to make a small initial payment and the remaining amount is to be paid in 52 weeks with intermittent payments. Thus, BlueHippo can certainly be called the friend of the bad credit history borrowers.

The BlueHippo Loans Program

The BlueHippo loans program for personal computers and other related products are offered to the borrowers without any credit check, and this is the salient feature of the BlueHippo loans. The financial credibility of the borrowers is evaluated on the basis of their credit score as devised by the company.

Borrowers who not only have bad credit but also have no credit history stand to benefit from the BlueHippo loans. The loan program of BlueHippo is the guaranteed approval program in which the borrowers have to a pay one time amount which is rather small, as well as installments that are spread over 52 weeks. If the borrower pays the agreed amount for six weeks in a row, they also are entitled for financing the remainder of the purchase price of the product. The computer is then directly shipped to the home of the borrowers. However, the financing vary from product to product.

All the products that are shipped are brand new and leading brands in the market. The products that one can buy from the BlueHippo include: HP Compaq Business Desktop DC 5100, for which one has to pay a weekly amount of $21.99. One can also have the Lenovo ThinkCentre M52 for as low as $27.99. There is a great range BlueHippo loans for computers. All the products that one receives come are reputable brands from companies that have partnerships with BlueHippo.

If you need a PC or laptop, check out the BlueHippo Loans Program today!

Our Update on BlueHippo Loans

In February 2019, the FTC won the first part of a case against BlueHippo Loans. The company received an FTC fine of $13.4 million for defrauding consumers. When the federal government pushed him to either go to jail or pay the fine, he tried to evade the charges by filing bankruptcy. A federal bankruptcy court in Florida agreed with the FTC that the fine was still owed. They will keep pushing the owner of BlueHippo to pay the money back so that defrauded consumers will get restitution.

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